G+Quant team has a long history of startup field involvement on the one hand and searches for new opportunities around the world all the time. Once investor ambition is known, location of options is delivered overnight.


Feasibility evaluator

G+Quant team provides initial feasibility reports based on our vast experience and fast evaluation technique of all important business potential of an evaluated startup, with G+Quant partners we can provide the due diligence and data room services as well. We especially help the final phase of the process, contract negotiations.


Agreement facilitator

G+Quant experts partners understand general needs, procedures, fears and business models of large private investors. Entry and exit strategies are then tailored to specific needs and objectives of specific investor.

Being part of both worlds allows us to facilitate deals faster and with high success rate.


Independent research is fundamental to our approach. We are pleased to share research and viewpoints with clients and strategic partners.

Investors and startups locator

G+Quant is an expert group that quantifies gravitational force (g force) of emerging commercial enterprises, startups and entrepreneurs seeking investors.