The initial evaluation is fast and based on the longtime experience of extremely diverse G+Quant partners. If the startup passes the initial evaluation and agrees on terms for further cooperation, the process reaches the next phase.

Investor selector

G+Quant has an extensive network of possible investors for various types of business and startups. It is not only about financial strength, but as much about intangible assets that should match for successful business investment. Upon taking into account all factors, we start the selection process in which startup is deeply involved as well.


Business model accelerator

Many startups with high market potential lack one or few key functions that have to be in place should the venture execute its potentials on the market. Vast G+Quant partners experience can on special request saturate existing startup powers with G+Quant expertise on functions that such startups lack most. We do not serve as an incubator, but as a focused accelerator though.


Agreement facilitator

G+Quant experts partners understand the general needs, procedures, fears, and business models of startups. There are many options for investors to enter your business. Q+Quant helps you agree upon the one that will boost your business and safeguard what is the most valuable for you.

Being part of both worlds allows us to facilitate deals faster and with a high success rate.

Startups that we support

Investors and startups locator

G+Quant is an expert group that quantifies gravitational force (g force) of emerging commercial enterprises, startups and entrepreneurs seeking investors.